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Starcaller Demo v2.0

Starcaller is a Retro high fantasy/Sci-Fi adventure RPG in Early Development. All original pixel art and music score.. We are in early development and offer this short demo to get some feedback and to showcase our ideas.  This game is set in the same universe as our previous release Myrkvidr

Starcaller is set in a world of high fantasy.. a planet called Vaerok.  Although technology is available to the people of Vaerok, the use of magic is widespread and what we find is a combination of the two being used together.  

The schools of magic on the Planet Vaerok are harnessed through the study of celestial objects of importance to the planet.. The Sun, the two moons Vera and Eros, and the Stars of the Serpent Galaxy.  As a Starcaller, it is your duty to protect the Temple and the Holy City of Testralon and its people.

The demo includes the first stages of the game which is basically a tutorial and a "what to expect" from the basic mechanics of the game. The next release will introduce the main city Testralon which is a quest hub / shopping and crafting center. 


Starcaller_Demo.zip 360 MB

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Thus far, it seems pretty interesting! Solid combat and nice mechanics  for each character (especially with Ithara and the random attacks) Intrigued to see it develop further.