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Myrkvidr is a project heavily inspired by early PC RPG fantasy games.  It is currently available early access BETA TEST version.   This is just a demo to give some kind of idea of the direction we are going with this.  Most of the skeleton is in place and should be fully playable to end game.  Many more functions and features are still being implemented (read below)

Enter a world of high fantasy where danger lurks around every corner. Explore a massive open world sandbox. Delve into several caves, dungeons and fortresses teaming with evil. 

  • hours upon hours of gameplay in a non-linear, world where exploration and conversation are the driving force towards progression
  • a unique world with hundreds of monsters and a varying array of different types of characters
  • magic system based on a combination of skills learned through experience and learned through collections and quests
  • a reputation system that unlocks new powerful weapons and armor as you gain popularity amongst the people of the world
  • seven main dungeons each having its own unique approach to exploration and each with unique challenges
  • no hand holding - all clues provided are though conversation and by paying close attention to the details, you will unravel each mystery in the game
  • huge world map with 4 major continents to explore as well as several off the path islands and hidden lands.

Some things that are still in development:

  •  proper ending sequence, final dungeon and trials. with lead into expansions, 
  •  Archaeology/Lore exploration-collection system,  gather enough knowledge and unlock the Lorekeeper class. Learns spells from monsters and npcs (similar to FF Blue Mage)
  • thieving:  adding ability to steal with punishments and reputation losses as well as a thieves guild where reputation in thievery can be gained for special items and eventual Thief character class with a new set of adventures for those who walk the darker path. Some companions may leave your party if your thieving gets too intense, but there will be others willing to fight by your side who would otherwise not. Thief will have special skills such as poisons, stealth and sneak attacks with high critical hit rate.
  •  additional original music, 
  •  rare monster hunting quests for reputation gains.
  • teleportation services for instant travel to places you have visited
  • a crew for your ship so you can summon your ship to a dock at your location
  • adding Pirating for plunder on the open seas - requires Thief class.
  • Paladin Class unlocked after gaining enough Reputation, gathering the seven crystals and reclaiming the Mystic Sword.  The title can be lost by losing too much reputation points
  • final priority - 1st expansion Varssara Rises,  unlock Geomancer class

  • Some other goodies that I am working on are actual hand drawn monster manual, compendium and map. Physical copies will be available but limited, but PDFs for all of the supplementary material will be made available.
  • There will be newer versions of the game uploaded periodically. and notifications shall be made when a newer version is available. You can transfer your saved games to the new version by copy/pasting a Save.lsd file to the new game's folder.  In addition to updates, expansions and sequels are also planned. I really want to make this into a constantly expanding universe of its own. 

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All of the songs in game are MIDI adaptations of songs off of the Myrkvidr album by Florida metal band, Psychic Dose https://www.facebook.com/psychicdose/

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Fantasy, Magic, oldschool, old-school, Open World, pc, Retro, Sandbox
Average sessionDays or more

Install instructions

1. Download the Zip folder and extract the install folder

2. Run setup.exe from the installation folder. 

3. for gameplay, arrow keys to move. space bar to select, esc key to go back or to access main menu

4. alt-enter to enter full screen


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